Pollença, situated in front of the northern foothills of the Tramuntana mountains, is one of the most beautiful little towns of the island, and it is also full of history. The double arch bridge over the Torrent de San Jordi is a relict from Roman times, and some of the buildings are evidence of the later Moorish occupation. However, the Pollençins take most pride in their victory over the pirates that attacked the city in 1550. Each year on August 2nd, the heroic fight is re-enacted with a great spectacle in the narrow streets of the ancient town centre. If you visit Pollença, climbing the 170 m high Calvary mountain is a must. Once the 365 steps were meant as an atonement for each day of the year. Today, the climber’s efforts are rewarded with a wonderful panoramic view over the little town, framed by the fertile plains and the impressive high summits of the Tramuntana.
However, the most beautiful place in Pollença is the pleasurable Plaça in the centre of town with the terrace of the traditional „Café Espanyol“. There, in the shades of the sycamore trees, you can relax and enjoy a „café con leche“ while watching the local scenery.