Tania und Peter Maffay Dear friends,

Come in and join us in our Mediterranean, organic world, full of wonderful plants, animals and interesting people. We all are part of an endless cycle. Our aim is to take responsibility for this process, forming a living example of a future-oriented attitude for generations to come. In doing so, it is not only the overarching consensus about content that is important, but also – and above all – the ability and willingness to develop synergetic, innovative structures in both sociopolitical as well as economic-ecological fields. We all want to participate in this process – according to our own abilities and talents.

Our everyday life should be characterized by respect in dealing with nature, and a face to face dialogue with our fellow citizens, partners and friends. All this and more leads to a positive approach to life where, despite the ever-existing ups and downs, harmony and calm will determine our existence. We all are guests on this planet. Travellers. Our existence is a never ending duty, and a task which we can and must not neglect.

A warm welcome to all of you.
Peter Maffay