The Ca’n Aixertell valley (Valle de Ca’n Aixertell), one of the last unspoilt valleys on the eastside of the Tramuntana mountain range, is home to the finca Ca’n Sureda, spanning 115 hectares.
When Peter Maffay bought the property in 1995, it had fallen into neglect. Now, order and awareness of nature prevail. People and nature live together in harmony.
Each plant, each animal has its place within the ecological cycle. Pines and holm oaks grow on the mountainsides. Centuries-old olive trees with their gnarled trunks overlook the fields majestically. Sheep graze peacefully on the pastures, little egrets joining them to get some rest. The scent of cypresses floats through the air. And finally there are the people who look after it all and will reap the rich rewards of their labour.