Keeping animals in their natural environment is an important principle of the finca Ca’n Sureda. A flock of 50 goats and 50 sheep delivers the milk for the property’s dairy. An open pen offers them lots of space to frolic, and they are fed with organic food, a great part of which is produced on the finca itself, without hormonal or chemical additives. Most of the time the animals are outside on the spacious pastures, where they eat the most delicious grass and herbs. Lambs and kids are suckled by their mothers for 2 – 3 months before they are given solid food. Other members of the big finca animal family are: cows, whose milk will soon be included in the cheese production; pigs and poultry, mainly for the production of meat; a horse and several donkeys who help to free the pine forests of dry, highly infl ammable underbrush; a fallow deer herd – as well as dogs and cats.