Mallorca’s soil, air, water and warm sunlight are the basis for the thriving plants on Ca’n Sureda. Expertise is another important factor: local as well as German staff members work the soil with great care, following the ancient Mallorquin tradition and latest ecological standards, without using chemical substances. (Runner ducks are being used for pest control, as they love picking their favourite dish – snails – from the vegetables.) The result: healthy products of certifed organic quality and with wonderful flavours. On 30 hectares altogether, everything that is grown is traditional to Mallorca: vegetables like the endemic tomato species „Ramallet“, herbs, lemons and oranges, almonds, olives, carob and figs as well as grass and corn to feed the animals. Moreover, since February 2007, the finca Ca’n Sureda has also become wine-growing territory, traditional Mallorquin grape varieties having priority.