All of the Ca’n Sureda products are sold on the spot, in the property’s own health-food shop: bread and cheese, vegetables, and marmelades made of the finca’s fruit in a nearby workshop for the handicapped. Another opportunity to buy Ca’n Sureda’s organic products is each Sunday at Pollença’s weekly market – while restaurants are happy to take advantage of the delivery service. In contrast to Mallorca’s usual white bread, the Ca’n Sureda baker produces grainy sourdough bread with sunflower seeds. Potato bread made to a Transylvanian recipe of Peter Maffay’s family and traditional German pretzels are also part of the product range. Word of the delicious bread-taste with its special stone-oven aroma has spread beyond Pollença’s city limits: restaurants as well as private individuals, also from other parts of the island, are among the enthusiastic clientele. A selection of our products is also available in the Ca’n Sureda shop in Palma, Mallorca.