The activity programmes are designed individually to suit the children’s different abilities and interests. In particular, they comprise the participation in the finca’s ecological cycle: the children help with the harvest and with the care of the animals, they bravely collect eggs from the hen house, skim cheese, pick weeds from the organic garden, knead dough in the bakery, discover hidden talents. And a homemade lemonade made from self-picked lemons is a very special taste experience and also gives a sense of achievement. In the „park of senses“ – for example on the barefoot feeling path – the children experience nature very consciously, with all their senses. In art workshops with local painters and sculptors they can give free rein to their creativity.
Outside the finca there are lots of things to discover, too: walks to great vantage points, getting to know the country and the people in the surrounding villages, letting sand run through their fingers on the beach, swimming in the Mediterranean, relaxing in Mallorca’s warming sun: the children can leave their everyday difficulties behind them and be at ease.