In close proximity to the organic finca Ca’n Sureda, the Peter Maffay foundation has been operating the therapeutical finca „Ca’n Llompart“ since 2003. In this protected area in the middle of a natural environment, the foundation puts the „Tabaluga philosophy“ into practice and invites traumatized children to supervised activity sojourns, with the objective of strengthening the little guests’ self-esteem. Here is a comment by Dr. Jürgen Haerlin, the specialist head of the Peter Maffay Foundation: „Our culture is characterized by an increasing loss of sensory perception. Electronic and virtual worlds occupy more and more space, even in the life of children and adolescents. So, „islands of life“ like Ca’n Llompart, where children and adults may experience nature intensely, are all the more important. From my point of view this is an elementary pre-condition for the preservation or retrieval of mental balance.“